Improving Our Community
Improving Our Community

What's Happening

The Committee meets roughly once a month, with a break during the winter, and is a mixture of Councillors and volunteers. Please email if you'd like to attend, and help us plan future priorities and activities. Our next official meeting will be on Tuesday 31 July 2018 at 7.30pm at Daisy Hill Cricket Club. 


We're always keen to recruit more volunteers who can help out occasionally, with planting, weeding, litter picking or by adopting a tub or planter and water it in dry periods over the summer.  If you would like to help, please email


Thanks to those who helped with the litter pick in March, and those who have helped out recently with planting.


Late spring and summer is our busiest time of year.  We've been planting summer bedding in all our beds and containers.

We have scheduled a gardening session for Saturday 21st July at 10.30 am at our adopted garden on Hindley Road opposite the post office.  Meet by the bus stop if you'd like to help out. All welcome but children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.  We have a small supply of gardening gloves, but please bring your own secateurs, trowels, etc if you can. PLEASE NOTE - the time and date of this event have been altered because of concern that mid afternoon during a heatwave was not a great time to be hard at work in full sun! Sorry for the late notice.


If you would like to get involved in any planting, weeding, or other working sessions, get in touch ( or just come along - details will be kept updated on our Facebook page. 


It's particular challenging to keep all the summer displays watered during dry spells.  If you live near any of our tubs or planters, we'd be really grateful if you could pour a few litres of water on one of them if it doesn't rain for a few days.  It's better to put plenty of water in one container rather than a little bit in several, so that the water soaks down into the soil.  Just watering the surface encourages the roots to the surface, leaving the plants more vulnerable.

Flower, Fruit and Veg Show

On Sunday 17th September 2017 we held our first ever Daisy Hill Flower, Fruit and Veg Show.  It was a chance for gardeners and allotmenteers to show off their successes.  It was a great afternoon with a fabulous range of produce on show from aubergines to redcurrants.  The standard of some of the entries was outstanding, lots of gold and silver certificates were awarded, and we were delighted that the Mayor of Westhoughton joined us to present the special "Best in Show" prizes.


There's a list of winners on the "Results" page of the website, and some pictures in the Photo Gallery.


We have now agreed that we will go ahead with a Show this year as well, and the Cricket Club have kindly agreed to host the event again. It'll be on Sunday 2nd September. For a full list of categories please email


Litter Picking

Daisy Hill in Bloom organises a litter pick around the village three or four times a year.  It's amazing how much we can collect in just an hour or so.  If you'd like to help with these efforts to keep our streets looking good, keep an eye on our Facebook page for dates and details. 


Our next session will by on Saturday 28th July meeting by St James's Church at 2.30pm.  All welcome but children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.  We can supply litter grabbers and rubbish bags.  We have a small supply of gloves, but feel free to bring your own.

Why not adopt the pavement in front of your house and keep it litter-free this year? Or contact us if there's a part of Daisy Hill that could to with a clean-up. (

We've enjoyed a lot of good feedback from local residents who have seen us at work, especially in response to the summer bedding displays which get more extensive every year. It's nice to know our efforts our appreciated.

Local residents who keep their front gardens looking great really contribute a lot to the appearance of our village, so we've delivered thank you cards on behalf of the Daisy Hill in Bloom team. If you keep your front garden looking great so that it improves the neighbourhood we could be getting in touch with you to say thank you!

Each spring we seem to have more crocuses and daffodils around the village. We've had help with this in the past from Community Payback scheme who have sometimes provided additional labour, and from the Bolton Civic Trust who have provided more bulbs.

Over the past few years our activities have included :

  • Cleaning litter, as individuals and as part of organised events.
  • Planting young trees in open spaces.
  • Cutting back hedges and cleaning local 'grot spots'.
  • Creating raised beds at the Leigh Road village entrance.
  • Buying and filling flower troughs on railings.
  • Putting up hanging baskets.
  • Extensive bulb planting on grass verges and maintaining flower beds.
  • Working with a local company and local schoolchildren to design and install a new "welcome" sign for the village.
  • Working with Ecclestone homes and a local bricklayer to provide a wall round our circular.
  • Erecting a Christmas tree at the community centre
  • Running gardening competitions for local enthusiasts

For a recap on what happened in previous years, go to the "Archive" page.

How You Can Help :

  • Maintaining your front gardens.
  • Litter picking.
  • Joining in with planting and tidying sessions (let us have your number or email address if you'd like to be notified of dates and times.)
  • Coming to meetings at the Daisy Hill Cricket Club to help with planning.

We want to get as many people involved as possible - email if you're interested